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We take the "FAR" out of "FARM"

    New for 2024 "Mini Farm"  starting from £275 Mondays and Wednesdays   2-3 HRS


Ian's Mobile Farm specialise in making educational visits to schools.We have visited 100's of schools throughout Yorkshire & surrounding counties with a 100% satisfaction record. We are passionate about educating and introducing children to a variety of friendly animals covering your national curriculum topic whilst encouraging a hands on experience that will stay in children's memories for years to come.

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From start to finish we work closely with you to arrange the perfect package for your school, we cater for all age groups from nursery to year six. We can talk about any subject that you are covering. Typically we explain what each animal is and what it eats & what care it needs on a daily basis. We answer any questions the children might have.The children get the chance to touch and stroke each animal and at the end of each session they can come up in small groups to see the larger of the farm animals. 

We can work to most timetables -however 30 minute sessions to 1 hour work well with a lunch break for the animals and our staff

  • Hands on   experience

  • Professional  trained staff

  • little disruption  to school

  • 100% self sufficient  

  • Friendly well cared for animals

  • 100's of happy schools visited

  • Entire school can visit in a day

  • fully insured & licensed 

  • Risk assessments 

LOCATION: For our full farm option we ideally need to be able to park our 4x4 and trailer next to the area! We find your school playing field is ideal however should you not have one don't worry we can setup on hard standing or if the grass is boggy,

The Mini Farm is ideal for schools with limited space or for just one year group its also great for nursery's 

it includes, Goats,sheep,ducks,chickens,tortoise,rabbits,guinea pigs, dog


We provide everything needed for the visit including gazebos for the children and animals in case of poor weather , benches for the children to sit on all after each session we ask the children to use our defra approved hand foam and then they must each wash their hands with hot water and soap on return to the school. We can hire the school one of our portable hand wash stations if needed.


We will leave the area in a clean condition & remove and dispose of all animal waste 

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To enquire about making a booking please click on the link below
please remember to give us your school name, address and ideal date 

To enquire please click here  


Thank you for visiting our school today. The children absolutely loved it. Especially the camels. ... I mean llamas. Thank you for making it a memorable learning experience. If only there were more great ideas like this for schools.


This is the most relaxed trip I have taken children on. Thank you again. You and Carol were fabulous!


Thank you it was fab the kids were talking about it all day! there was a nice buzz around the school all day,All the staff said how how professional the whole experience was thank you.


Fantastic visit yesterday from Ian's Mobile Farm. Very educational and the children loved it!Thank you so much for bringing all the wonderful animals to Oyster Park Primary School today. Everyone loved spending time with the animals and we all learned so much. We hope you will come back soon

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