A typical day from start to finish


A lot of people don't realise what's involved when it comes to us bringing our animals on visits.

The day typically starts at 5am when all the animals need to be fed and checked for any health issues, 6am the animals are chosen and carefully loaded into our trailers and vehicles.

We then start our journeys aiming to arrive at least an hour prior to the start time . After the visit is completed the animals are again carefully transported back to our farm and put back into their specific homes and fields. Once this is completed all the fencing is cleaned and disinfected with special defra approved disinfectant.















The trailer and car are then also completely cleaned out and disinfected. After all this the time is usually about 8pm at which point all the animals need to be fed again and mucked out .

Finally we get to go inside however the working day has still not finished as it's now time to complete paperwork which involves filling out defra movement forms and online forms for all the animals that went on the days visit , then they must all be documented in a separate record book. 

We hope that reading this blog helps you appreciate what's involved in making a visit to you


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