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Animals for sale

We occasionally have animals for sale however for us finding the perfect home in more important than  money we are always happy to advise about their needs both before or after. Please find details below about the animals we breed.

PYGMY GOATS : We have been breeding Pygmy goats since 2000, many of our pygmy goats are descendants from when we started , pygmy goats are amazing animals but do require a number of important things to ensure their happiness, Goats must have their own kind as company we always say 3 is a good number! They hate the rain so need a good sized indoor area ideally with things to jump on they need a decent sized grass area to graze and play,...they will also require vaccinations, worming, hoof trimming etc, we are always happy to give advice before and after, We currently have a waiting list for our goats so please get in touch if you wish to be added 


pygmy goats.jpg

MINI PIGS: Our mini pigs are absolutely adorable, If you are looking for a micro pig......sadly they do not pigs have are mostly a mix of breeds such as kune kune & pot bellied pigs, our pigs are still small compared to your average pig reaching about knee height,  Pigs keep growing until they are about 3- 4 years of age, many breeders will breed young pigs before they have reached maturity or have you believe other young pigs are the mum & dad .We only breed our pigs on average once a year for our educational farm & sometimes have piglets or older pigs available, all our pigs can be seen including the parents, our pigs are ideal pets but we do not recommend they are kept in the house....they need a nice dry snug house that is cool in summer and draught free in winter, they love to dig and wallow in the mud, 

We also from time to time have pigs that need new foster homes. for us a good home is more important than the money.

Please note all our males are surgically castrated at a young age, we do this for many reason,,,They make much better pets as they wont have the testosterone of a intact boar & their temperament will therefore better, it also means we can sell the pigs in sibling pairs as we will not sell pigs on their own, they should always have their own kind as company,

 please do get in touch if you would like to discuss owning pigs.


mini pigs.jpg
ouessant sheep.jpg

Ouessant Sheep : Ouessant sheep are the smallest breed of sheep in the world, if you are interested in purchasing ouessant sheep please get in touch with us 


rabbits ians farm.jpg

Rabbits : We sometimes have rabbits for sale , again a good home is more important to us than money, we advise that rabbits are not kept in hutches but rather a large secure area with lots of enrichment, we are always happy to advise you beforehand 


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