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About us      

Ian from a young age has always had a love for animals, and his dream from a young age was to work with them...however his path took the form of Horticulture rather than the animal career that he had dreamed of ,however he built up a successful business designing & constructing gardens all over Yorkshire, He eventually managed to secure a small farm near Leeds and gradually started to fill it with animals, many of these animals were rescued goats, pigs to name a few, he soon discovered that many of these animals had been failed by their owners, not intentionally in many cases but by a lack of understanding to the animals needs and care, this is where the idea of the “mobile farm” came from, he thought if children could be educated from a young age with real animals in a hands on setting it would make a huge difference for both children & animals, It soon became clear that this was indeed a much needed service to schools especially those that find it difficult to make school trips, the feedback from teachers was unanimous and from there Ian and his team have never looked back, 1000’s of children all over the North of England have benefited over the years from meeting Ian's well cared for animals, It has never been about making money for Ian but rather about making a difference to others! Ian’s Mobile Farm receives no government funding or subsidies it is completely self funded, however in recent years the ever increasing overheads have become a real strain and challenge for Ian. He has now had to look as ways to fund the business so that he can continue to provide visits to schools, He says “We are always looking for help from anyone who can help be it volunteering , donations, straw, hay or animal sponsorship” 

How Covid has affected us  

How you can help

Ian’s Mobile Farm like many others has been severally hit by the covid 19 outbreak, sadly most of 2020 bookings were cancelled and despite managing to raise funds from donations we remain in a very desperate situation. Even with a full diary the profit margin is extremely low so loosing over 90% of bookings has left the mobile farm in real trouble, Ian has written to his local MP, Defra Minister and many others but sadly being a unique business there is very little support. Ian did manage to secure a substantial loan for the animals feed and veterinary costs however this is now almost depleted. He said “what we desperately need is to be out doing what we love (educational visits) however sadly with the virus schools are reluctant to book despite being safe!

"I didn’t set the mobile farm up to make money or ask for donations however this is now our only hope sadly"

We desperately need to raise funds to get us through winter, We have effectively  become a charity without any experience in fundraising! If you feel you can support our animals & the future of our educational farm...You can help in many ways. Donations can be via any of the following ways, Go fund Me  Paypal via the paypal link, Bank transfer, Cheque, 

Thank you so much for your support

Thank you all so much for your support we wish you all good health & hopefully 2021 will be a better year


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