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Nanny Goat Farm home of Ian's Mobile Farm

Ian from a young age has always had a love for animals, and his dream from a young age was to work with them...however his path took the form of Horticulture rather than an animal career that he had dreamed of ,however he built up a successful business designing & constructing gardens all over Yorkshire, He eventually managed to secure a small farm near Leeds and gradually started to fill it with animals, many of these animals were rescued goats, pigs to name just a few, he soon discovered that many of these animals had been failed by their owners, not intentionally in many cases but by a lack of understanding to the animals needs and care, this is where the idea of the “mobile farm” came from, he thought if children especially could be educated from a young age with real animals in a hands on setting it would make a huge difference for both children & animals, It soon became clear that this was indeed a much needed service to schools especially those that find it difficult to make school trips, the feedback from teachers was unanimous and from there Ian and his team have never looked back many 1000’s of children all over the North of England have benefited over the years from meeting Ian's well cared for animals, It has never been about making money for Ian but more about making a difference!

Ian’s Mobile Farm receives no government funding or subsidies it is completely self funded, however in recent years the ever increasing overheads & red tape have become a real strain and challenge for Ian & team. He has now had to look as ways to fund the business so that he can continue to provide visits to schools,

“We are always looking for help be it volunteering , donations, feed, animal sponsorship”  

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