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Sponsor a donkey £50


Our Mediterranean  miniature donkeys might be small but they sure do eat a lot of food and need lots of care, from feet trims to teeth checks the costs are endless!

You can sponsor:


Timmy (white) 

Tommy (Brown/white)

Dominic (Grey)

Harry (Brown)

(pic is of Harry)







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Sponsor an Alpaca    £35

Tonight’s escapee is “Harry” he really d


Our Alpacas are very popular on visits, they are extremely friendly & inquisitive. by sponsoring one of our alpacas your money will help with their daily feed, winter hay, shearing, vitamins & medical needs

You can sponsor: 

Susie ( White with one blue eye) 

Marshmallow (just White)

Humbug (Black & White)

Elsa (Brown Suri)

Anna (Brown)







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Sponsor a Goat    £25


We have over 40 goats under our care here on the farm, our goats are one of the most popular animals on the farm, but wow!!! they eat an awful lot of food, they never stop eating. Your £25 sponsorship will help pay for hay, straw, goat feed, medications etc We have listed just a few of our goats but can provide a list on request,


Pygmy Goats

Hope (born 2019 with deformed legs)

Olaf ( born 23.3.20 brown & white) as seen on look north

Sven (brown with white patch)

Beau (Multi coloured) Buzz ( Brown & White)

Golden Guernsey Goats

Reggie (born 2019)

Kitty (she is a British Guernsey)

Goldie (Reggie's Mum)

Harry & Hermione  ( Twins)

Billy (half boer half Guernsey)

Gordon (Our big horned billy)







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Farmer Sophie checking on her Lamb didn’
Leo enjoyed his first visit today! Such
We have Barry Boer with us today! How cu
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